Game Information about Total domination: Nuclear Strategy

From your private military base in the Wasteland, you will need to defend your Sector, harvest Resources, and build an Army capable of crushing your rivals. Defense of your Sector will depend upon the strength of your Defensive forces, along with the number and advancement of your Technologies, Emplacements, and Improvements.

To gain domination of your sector and surrounds, you will have to repel attacks, reconnaissance enemies and attack them through your superior offensive forces. To achieve this you must advance your technology to gain the upper hand in order to prove your superior strategy and tactical planning.

Finally you will have the opportunity to join Clans in order to provide a combined fight against the repugnant Morgana and her freakish hordes of alien invaders, win these battles and enjoy the spoils of war.

You won’t be alone in your fight – you will learn the skills needed to manage your sector, defeat your enemies, and coordinate with allies with the help of Genera Trevor “Tornado” Winters, Communications Specialist Keera Raz and their team of crack advisers. The Wastelands might be a lonely, desolate place, but it is a place for command and coordination as part of a team,
Welcome to Total Domination!