STRATCOM SECURE TRANSMISSION Commanders! Good news from STRATCOM! Champions have been designated to lead your armies into battle! Your Champion is your greatest weapon in the fight against Morgana! Equipping your Champion with Read More

plarium anniversary

STRATCOM SECURE TRANSMISSION Commander! This June Plarium is celebrating its 7th Anniversary! To mark Plarium’s #SevenYearsStrong, STRATCOM is giving all Commanders the opportunity to participate in special Tournaments! Unlike other Tournaments, in this Read More

TD Tapsite Gatherer

Take Advantage At Tapsites!  STRATCOM SECURE TRANSMISSION Commanders! STRATCOM R&D has developed a new Item! Using it will make dominating the Wasteland’s Tapsites easier than ever before! Here’s the low-down: The Tapsite Gatherer: Read More

Total Domination Clan HQ

Command Your Clan From A Single Location! Commander! Something groundbreaking has come to the Wasteland: Clan HQs! The fight to dominate the Wasteland has never been more important, but you won’t accomplish much Read More

Total Domination Sector Defense

STRATCOM SECURE TRANSMISSION Commander! STRATCOM R&D has released a new Item to make dominating the Wasteland easier than ever before! Take a look! The Sector Defense: this Item temporarily increases the Defense Bonus Read More

New Items Available

STRATCOM SECURE TRANSMISSION Commander! STRATCOM’s engineering department has released a new series of handy Items to make dominating the Wasteland easier than ever before! Check these out: – Offense and Defense Enhancers. You’ve Read More